Te Rēhita, the National Register, statistics

May 2015

Auckland region

Auckland Breast Cancer Register released their 12-year data statistics posters in May 2015.

Between 1st June 2000 and 31st May 2012, a total of 10,399 eligible patients were diagnosed with breast cancer within the Auckland region. Some highlights from the 2015 main poster include:

  • There were 10,656 incidents of breast cancer (i.e. first and second primaries);
  • Of these cancers, 85% were invasive and 15% were in situ (non-invasive duct);
  • The number of cancers detected through screening methods has increased over the past four years compared with other detection methods;
  • Breast cancer-specific five-year survival rate is 87% and 10-year survival rate is 80%; breast cancer statistics have indicated differences within ethnic groups

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Waikato region

The 2005 – 2008 data statistics posters for the Waikato region were released in 2008.

Between 2005 and 2008, a total of 1,072 patients were diagnosed with new breast cancers within this region. Of these patients 1,008 were eligible for the register and 998 were entered into the register, with a 95% consent rate.

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Wellington region

The Wellington region register was created in 2010, covering Wairarapa, Capital & Coast, Hutt Valley DHBs.

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