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How Te Rēhita Mate Ūtaetae - Breast Cancer Foundation National Register is helping push new frontiers in research

Evaluating advanced breast cancer treatment and survival

Breast Cancer Foundation NZ commissioned a report, “I’m still here”: Insights into living - and dying - with Advanced Breast Cancer (ABC) in New Zealand, which was released in September 2018. This report includes statistical analysis of Te Rēhita Mate Ūtaetae - Breast Cancer Foundation National Register data about ABC treatment and survival.

Key findings

  • Median survival after diagnosis of metastatic / advanced breast cancer (ABC) in New Zealand is 16 months, considerably worse than overseas
  • One and five-year survival rates are also worse in New Zealand than overseas, with the gap widening in recent years
  • The Māori five-year survival rate is significantly worse than non-Māori

These research findings support advocacy by Breast Cancer Foundation NZ to help address these inequities.

Read the Executive Summary here.

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Extending mammography screening age coverage

This study provided evidence that extending mammography screening (BreastScreen Aotearoa) to include women aged from 69 to 74 years, will improve patient outcomes. Lobbying for the age extension is in progress.

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Auckland Advanced Breast Cancer Review

The Auckland Advanced Breast Cancer Review (AABC) is a retrospective review of patients diagnosed with advanced/metastatic breast cancer in the Auckland region within a three year period. The study assessed survival outcomes, care equity and also identified gaps in healthcare delivery for patients.

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Improving future surgical practice

A recent research study has found that increasing margins for tumor clearance from international guidelines of 1mm to 2mm will improve breast cancer patient outcomes in New Zealand.

Identifying inequities in patient care

A Waikato study is investigating how breast cancer is diagnosed and treated in different regions, and patients' survival in these regions. The goal is to learn where areas of need are, so that New Zealand can improve equity in breast cancer care.

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Promoting screening for Pasifika women

Professor Ross Lawrenson's research on Te Rēhita Mate Ūtaetae - Breast Cancer Foundation National Register is helping promote screening for Pasifika women, and improve their outcomes for breast cancer.

Pacific Breakfast Radio recently interviewed Ross on his research, which you can listen to below. You can see Ross' research using data from Te Rēhita, the National Register, here.

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