Data request form

All applications for data must be approved by the regional governance group and/or Clinical Advisory Group (CAG) of the New Zealand Breast Cancer Register (NZBCR). Your request will be reviewed by the applicable governance group(s) and/or CAG then you will be notified in due course of the group’s decision. To ensure patients’ privacy and confidentiality is maintained, the Registers will only release de-identified data.

Please consult with the regional NZCBR Data Manager BEFORE you submit this application to ensure your data requirements can be met by the registers.

Please attach a copy of the letter of approval
Please attach a copy of the ethics application
Please attach a copy of the funding application which will be kept in confidence
The NBCR will strive to provide the data in a timely manner however this may depend on the workload.

Please provide a brief description of your project & its aims below

Please describe what data is required & append your list of data fields

Please note: Data requests from external applicants (e.g. non NZBCR clinicians/researchers) may incur a cost, particularly if the work is complex. We will provide you with an estimate of the cost before we commence work on your approved data request.

Please specify how you will be using the requested data

Please provide the NZBCR with a copy of the publication/paper/abstract generated from the data requested and ensure the NZBCR & its funders are acknowledged.

Outcome plan: